News from Gunold GmbH

Recently, Gunold’s website has been offering free explanatory product videos about embroidering two-ply terry and embroidering badges. They can easily be found in the Video training section or on YouTube with the search words Gunold solvy and Gunold twilly.

Since the beginning of 2011, Gunold has further optimised their product range. The auto-adhesive embroidery backing is now simply called filmoplast®. It is available in one weight-type that is equivalent to the stronger version 140 and comes in the colours black and white. Filmoplast is now available in the widths of the most common embroidery frames: 50 cm, 65 cm, 85 cm, 100 cm, each on rolls of 25 m.

Polyfire has now achieved index three following EN 533, tested in accordance with EN ISO 15025 and EN ISO 6841. The flame-retardant polyester embroidery thread can be used when textiles require a high degree of fire-retardancy, for example for lab coats, airplane seats, car mats and curtains.

With bobby fil 120 L, a new underthread is introduced. The pre-wound bobbin without core and without side discs offers good benefits, such as a guaranteed smooth unwinding, a consistent thread length on every bobbin and a considerably longer length. Bobby fil 120 L and bobby fil 110 L are available in the colours black and white. With bobby syn and bobby eco 100 there is a good underthread for any need and taste available.

With Thermofix, adhesive fibres of a new kind, applications can be realised much faster now. It has a non-woven-like character that allows keeping the material flat when cutting. A further advantage is that the silicon paper does not have to be cut out together with the adhesive fibres – it is only needed as cover during ironing or pressing. Thermofix has, furthermore, a considerably lower price and can be activated with an ironing press or an iron. The embroidery motifs can be applied on jackets, shirts and other textiles.