New sealed ink and cleaning cartridges

Azon Printer, flatbed inkjet printer manufacturer from Zagreb, Croatia announced new Azon textile ink and cleaning solution.

The ink is 100% degassed and packed in 220 ml vacuum sealed cartridges, enabling easy installation and smooth, continuous operation of the Azon TexPro textile printer.

Azon TexPro is industrial standard direct to garment inkjet printer. It prints directly with speed up to 70 light shirts or 15 dark shirts per hour. It can print also on: light and dark colored textiles like: T-shirts, towels, jeans, aprons, bags or else, with superb adhesion of ink.

From any Windows application beautiful full-color prints on any fabric can be printed faster and cheaper than on any other printer, or with other technologies like: thermo transfer or screen printing, says Azon Printer. It is very easy to use and has a high profit return.