At this year’s Viscom in Düsseldorf, Walter Schulze GmbH presented a large collection of new products.

A brand new own development is the unwinder for films up to a width of 640 mm. The Schulze CUT-640 enables distributors of film materials to unwind and cut films with centimetre precision. And this only with a few manipulations. The machine operation is intuitive and constructed for continuous operation in a professional environment.

If necessary, an adhesive tape can be printed directly after cutting on the additional label printer. With this, the material can be fixed on the roll and you already have the length documented. With a price of 6.248.- € plus VAT this device is also suited for smaller companies with smaller runs. The machine is immediately available.


In the area of transfer technique, a new base and under plate has increasingly gained ground for textile printing applications. This base plate can now be purchased optionally for existing transfer presses at Schulze. Due to the special structure of the plate, remaining water from the ink and the pre-treatment agent can drain more easily. Up to four times more water than on a common plate can drain from the textile. Therefore, the pressing time for the individual finishing process can considerably be reduced.

For direct printing on textiles with this base plate it is possible to reduce the curing time up to 50%. On dark textiles with process times of normally 2 minutes and 30 seconds, the process can take only one minute and the result in terms of wash resistance and appearance is even better. The under plate is actually only available in the size 40 x 50 cm and costs 179,20 € plus VAT.

Direct to garment printers

As the distributer for Germany, Walter Schulze GmbH presented at the Viscom 2011 the successor of the TexJet textile printer from the manufacturer Polyprint to the professional visitors. Together with the manager of the support department of Polyprint, Dimitris Stavrakidis, the enhancements and common features with the successful model TexJet were presented. The textile printer is called TexJet Plus and will be available at the Schulze Shop from on November 1st. The device can print up to 20 % faster than the predecessor model and the maintaining costs are also considerably lower, thanks to the reduced consumption during the Powercleaning. The sales price will be about 12.000 € plus VAT.

Sol’s collection

Also on show was the whole collection of the French brand Sol’s that Walter Schulze offers since begin of August.  “We decided to introduce the brand Sol’s, because the range is very broad and varied. Furthermore, the Sol’s program is very fashionable“, said the Managing Director Peter Meidinger from Walter Schulze.