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Under the motto “Ready for the museum”, several works of art by Dutch artist Marieke Bekke will be immortalised on various promotional products in the finishing area at stand 10L71. Photo: Marieke Bekke.

The partner country of PSI 2024, The Netherlands, will be particularly tangible for all trade visitors at the Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre from 9 to 11 January 2024. In addition to its innovative promotional products industry, the Netherlands will also be showcasing its vibrant art scene during PSI.

The sponsors Cameo Laser Franz Hagemann Gmbh, Epson Deutschland GmbH, Gravotech GmbH, Maegis B.V., Mutoh Deutschland GmbH and X-tec Systems GmbH are responsible for finishing the promotional products with Marieke Bekke’s motifs. A pleasant side effect is that trade visitors to PSI can familiarise themselves with innovative finishing techniques.

Over the three days of the show, numerous promotional products will be artistically finished (art and promotional products). These will be exhibited in the Community Café in Hall 9 and in the shop of the pop-up exhibition Museum of Promotional Articles (MoPA) in Hall 10 and can be taken home by visitors as souvenirs.

Marieke Bekke the artist

Marieke Bekke is a master of colour and form who has made a name for herself in the art world with her striking works that explore intimate themes such as motherhood, vibrant family life and the deep bonds of friendship. Her art is a reflection of life, inspired by the personal experiences and emotional states that characterise her as an individual and an artist.

Her creative process is as unique as her artworks themselves. Bekke begins her creative art with a photographic template, which forms the basis for the upcoming canvas work. She then sketches directly onto the canvas, a dynamic step that encourages the spontaneous and authentic expression of her art. This is followed by the use of acrylic paints, which she skilfully applies in both glossy and matt tones and complements with coloured pencils. She finishes the final artwork with black paint outlines, creating a signature definition and unmistakable style.

Art and promotional products at PSI

Visitors to the PSI trade show in Düsseldorf will have the opportunity to experience Bekke’s work up close. The enhancement of promotional products with her work is a prime example of the innovative ways in which art and business can go hand in hand. Marieke Bekke’s involvement at the PSI trade show also highlights the growing importance of artistic expression in the advertising industry.


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