Myrtle Beach presents Xmas articles

For Christmas, Daiber’s own brand Myrtle Beach shows original looks for Xmas fans and gift wrappings in many sizes. Even furniture gets dressed up.

Smart Xmas Chair Cover (MB 9536) produced in red/white creates festive mood at the dining table. The chair cover made of felt with white border, pompon and bell fits every chair and is the icing on the cake for every Christmas decoration. 

Reindeer Santa Sock (MB 9532), available in red, makes children’s hearts beat faster: Not only due to the space for many presents in the sock but especially due to the cuddly reindeer head with plastic eyes. The Velcro fastener in the sock opening keeps the contents of the Christmas packing from falling out. 

Smart Bottle Xmas Dresscode (MB 9528), produced in red, is a spot of colour on the table with presents. The packing dresses up bottles in a classic red-and-white Santa costume. Nice details like decorative belt around the body and fluffy, white edging complete the Santa look. A Santa hat stylishly tops the bottleneck. The gift wrapping is produced in red.  

Myrtle Beach also offers the appropriate cap for every Xmas fan: The range includes classic versions like Santa Cap short (MB 9501), Santa Cap long (MB 9500) or fluffy Luxury Xmas Hat (MB 9516). Daiber’s brand also offers funky Xmas articles like Xmas Party Hat (MB 9518) with flashing diadem.

An overview of the whole Daiber collection variety is given in the latest James & Nicholson Workbook 2010 and Myrtle Beach’s Catalogue Caps 2010.