M&R has announced the addition of a new YouTube video channel from M&R’s Technical Services Department. The new videos are part of a concerted effort by M&R to help screenprinters get the most out of their screenprinting equipment.

In the first series of short videos, M&R Technical Services Adviser Dan Goldberg discusses the issues involved in installing automatic presses, dryers, and other screenprinting equipment, and explains the difference between a well-executed installation and one that will be plagued with problems, both during and after installation.

The video series, entitled ‘Screen Printing Equipment Setup’, includes the following titles:
1. Floor Layout
2. Electrical Placement
3. Equipment Delivery
4. Air Connections
5. Air Compressor Options and Installation
6. Gas Connections
8. Air Lines
9. Press Anchoring

Future series will cover other technical aspects of screenprinting.