LorryBag Original 2

With the new LorryBag Original 2, Halfar has extended this cult bag made of German tarpaulin by one variant. The special feature: both of the Original LorryBags enchant their users with an unbelievable diversity of design with a huge 38 tarpaulin colours for each individual cut piece.

Both are produced exclusively within the EU and can be supplied as individually manufactured bags from a quantity of 50 pieces and higher.

The small difference between the variants: with the LorryBag Original 1 you can also select between different bag shapes, sizes and extras. With the LorryBag Original 2 you can decide on a young bag in a modern cut, with a characteristic push-fit fastener and an extra-wide, circumferential strap.

Visual books

Halfar now also offers visual books. Presenting an individual bag selection perfectly to your customers has just become VisualBookeven more enjoyable as Halfar has issued their visual books in the new silent-film design 2013. Using this, you have a stylish framework for showing how customer logos look on each bag. Click here for more information.