Kornit Digital will be introducing a new ink series in 2011. The new ink series, identified now as the V223 series, shows an improvement in color gamut volume, which translates into enhanced printer performance, together with improvements in the chemical characteristic of the ink.

Characteristics such as: better elasticity, better hand feel, longer shelf life and, most importantly, the new V223 version is the first digital textile ink that is formaldehyde free.

Kornit performed several tests in order to evaluate the color gamut differences between the existing ink set and the new Version 223 ink set. Several aspects of the color gamut were measured amongst them, the gamut volume. Generally, a larger gamut volume means that the printer can reproduce more colors accurately and smoothly.  Therefore, better reproduction of incoming colors is enabled. Also, spot colors such as Pantones will be more achievable with the new ink set.

The ink sets tested were V200, Kornit’s current ink series, and the V223 set to be introduced in 2011. Both ink sets were tested on two fundamental media: white T-shirts and black T-shirts. The process of evaluation of the gamut was done using a gamut visualization and analysis tool developed in Matlab and all tests were run using this tool. In the image below, the Version V200 ink set is represented as colored objects and the new V223 ink set is represented by the black mesh grids that overlay the color image.