Industry news

With an extensive program the opening of Amann’s new production site Amann Sewing Threads has taken place in China with the motto ‘We connect’. Bringing into operation the finishing and make-up devices, the Amann Group now provides a fully integrated production in Asia.

Amann Sewing Threads comprises fully-automated dyeworks to the very latest standard with a capacity of 3,000 tonnes per year. It is capable of carrying out all the different processing steps right through to the customer specific finishing.

Extending production

With the new production site in Yancheng, Amann extends their product and service availability to the Asian textile centers and global presence. The opening of Sewing Threads is the last milestone of a project that begun in 2005 as market study and reached its first peak with the opening of the twisting facility Amann Twisting, also in Yancheng, in 2010. The facility produces threads made of high-tensile polyester and polyamide with a capacity of 2,700 tons per year.

To further strengthen the far East markets, new project are in the realization phase, new production sites in Bangladesh and India amongst them.