Industry news

Kornit Digital announced that T-Shirt & Sons, an UK-based textile printer that specializes in environmentally friendly garment industry print solutions, has produced over 11,000 prints on their Kornit Breeze, in their first 6 months of operation.

Several years ago, T-Shirt & Sons added digital printing to their screen printing lines. Rapid growth in this sector of their business required a significant increase in the output of their digital print department.

Jon Lunt, the director of T-Shirt & Sons, confided: “T-Shirt & Sons had kept their eye on the many options in direct-on-garment digital equipment available to them for several years and when it was decided to expand, it was also decided to invest in a Kornit Breeze machine. The Breeze’s faster output and automated pre-treatment was the obvious next step for our business, and the decision paid off by enabling the production of over 11,000 prints, in our first 6 months of production. This is no mean feat when almost all of the run lengths are below 5 units.”

Industrially designed for commercial use, the Kornit Breeze is a direct-on- garment solution for commercial garment printers and apparel retailers.