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Halfar receives Ecoprofit certificate

More than 6 tonnes of waste, over 90 thousand kilowatt hours of electricity and 20 cubic metres of water saved: Halfar now has their commitment to climate protection documented in black on white. The certificate from the Ecoprofit network North Rhine-Westphalia was awarded during a festive ceremony.

On September 13th, 2012, everything revolved around practical climate protection at the condom manufacturer Ritex in Hillgassen. Representatives from eleven companies of the Ecoprofit circle 2012 in Bielefeld came to accept their certificates. The planned savings measures already produced effective results during the first Ecoprofit year. In this way, Halfar not only saved on valuable resources, but also around 11 thousand Euros in cash.

Some large investments, but also many small optimisations in Administration, Production and Logistics led to these results. Halfar has made many fine adjustments within the last year in order to achieve these savings. One example: The company’s participation in the recycling programme for tarpaulin cuttings and “texyloop” cuttings.