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New fully automated mug press

Schulze Tassenpresse
The Schulze Mug 15 Turbo

Schulze presents its first fully automated mug press. The machine is the perfect interplay between human, machine and software. The Mug-15 Turbo has been developed to inspire. Mug production has never been as quick and efficient.

The fully automated mug press with integrated pre-heating and cooling station is a true work horse. With 15 heat elements and a cycle time of about 3.5 minutes the machine can print up to 257 mugs per hour. The machine settings are entered on a large, comfortable touch display. The Mug-15 Turbo has 8 convenient pre-heating stations. These stations prepare the mugs by heating optimally for the sublimation process. A (fully automated) robot arm that is controlled by the intelligent system, feeds the empty stations. It takes the mugs from the pre-heating station and puts them in one of the 15 heating stations. After the transfer process, the mug is put onto the cooling line. The software recognizes automatically, which stations of the machine are occupied and which not.

The Mug-15 Turbo is the ideal solution for more ambitious users that need a higher production capacity, need to reduce the production times and want to save costs.