Fruit at Work online

Fruit of the Loom has updated the workwear section of its website, adding the latest Fruit at Work photography, plus the ‘Create Your Uniform’ feature.The update carries through the design theme of the Fruit at Work brochure, which was launched earlier this year. Focusing on the hospitality sector, the new section features a range of garment styles that are very suitable for staff working in bars, restaurants, hotels, cafes, takeaways and so on.
There are poplin shirts for formal restaurants, tighter fitting T-shirts for trendy bars and bistros, easy-care polo shirts for a more relaxed look, and sweat jackets for cooler workplaces, to mention but a few. Each product is photographed in genuine work settings to give you and your customer an immediate and accurate idea of how the garments would look on your customer’s staff.
You can download a PDF file containing the full garment specification for your chosen style using the ‘Download Spec’ feature on the garment’s product page. Alternatively, you can e-mail the details directly to a customer or colleague.

The ‘create your uniform’ feature lets you go a step further and create virtual samples of any ‘decorated’ Fruit of the Loom garments. “You simply select a Fruit of the Loom style in your chosen colour, upload a customer’s logo or design, size and position it on the front and/or back of the garment, and, once you are satisfied with how it looks, download the virtual sample as a PDF file. It’s a fast and professional way to show your customers how their finished, logoed uniforms will look, and it’s free for all Fruit of the Loom customers to use,” comments Alison McKenzie, Brand Director.

A key feature of the Fruit at Work range is matching men’s and women’s styles. The company has emphasised the availability of these ‘his ‘n’ her’ styles by showing complementary garments in the same colour: for instance, male and female bar staff are shown wearing the men’s Slim Fit T and Lady-Fit Crew Neck T, respectively, in red (colour code 040).

 “There is a growing demand for good quality, good value hospitality wear and our updated website is designed to make it as easy and efficient as possible for our customers to sell the benefits of the Fruit at Work products to their clients in the hospitality sector,” McKenzie continues.

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