Scott and Pat Fresener, authors of the book ‘ How to print t-shirts for fun and profit’, announce they have released their book as an eBook that can be read and used on any computer – Mac or PC, and on most tablet devices including the iPad. The digital version of the book also has over 40 videos embedded along with hundreds of links to suppliers and additional technical articles.

According to the Freseners “we felt it time to bring our popular book to the digital age but we knew the additional of videos was important to make the eBook very interactive. The new eBook is perfect for anyone starting a business or for the seasoned veteran who wants to learn more or have a training tool for employees. And, to see it on the iPad is a thing of beauty. The new tablet technology makes this a perfect marriage.”

The book contains thirteen chapters on every facet of the business including direct-to-garment printing. There are over five hours of videos on a wide range of industry topics. You can either download the new eBook or buy it on a DVD. For more information and to watch a short video about the eBook go to