Fast Set

Kor-Chem Inc., the Atlanta (USA)-based specialty chemical manufacturer has released a new screenprinting product called Fast Set. Fast Set is a blockout coating designed to fill in open areas of emulsion on screens.

Fast Set is a VOC (Volatile Organic Compound)-free, drain-safe product that joins the environmentally safe family of Kor-Chem products for the screenprinting industry.

Fast Set’s heavy-duty formulation has been designed with its users in mind. Fast Set is a quick-drying product that spreads easily for one-coat coverage. The formula is tinted blue to create a high contrast that provides easy spotting out and fills in gaps between the emulsion edge and the frame.

Fast Set works well on pinholes and may be used on any size of mesh count. It is designed to be used with plastisol, conventional, UV and water-based inks.