EPPA and PSI team up for CSR

EPPA and PSI Promotional Products Service Institute will work closely together and create a communication platform to inform the industry about the EPPA Certification Program for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). PSI recognizes the EPPA Certification Program, which is built around the need to increase the level of professionalism in the industry and contribute to the positive image of the industry.

Increase of professionalism

Both parties believe that the professionalism of this industry must increase, if it wants grow in the future. For that reason EPPA and PSI signed a partnership agreement in order to achieve this goal. Chairman of EPPA, Hans Poulis stated “Both PSI and EPPA have the best interest of the industry at heart. We believe that we can reinforce each other’s business by working closer together.” PSI Director Michael Freter agrees “By joining forces we are both able to better service the promotional products market.”

CSR certification program

The CSR certification program of EPPA and the image campaign of the industry are the two defined topics which will be jointly communicated throughout Europe to inform companies about the objectives and to reinforce the message. The official launch of the CSR certification program will take place during the PSI Trade Fair 2013 upcoming January. “The program has been developed for the entire promotional products market in Europe and launching it at the leading International Trade Show, is a logic moment” said Poulis.

The program supports companies in responsible entrepreneurship. From the baseline of ‘commitment to’ towards external verified certification for ensuring social and environmental responsibility in the industry and compliance to EU laws and regulations. EPPA will organize workshops about the CSR certification program during the PSI Trade Show.

Further, PSI and EPPA will initiate a work group to increase the image of the industry. Both agree that it is important to educate end customers in order for this industry to achieve due significance and appreciation for promotional products. The major task of the work group will be to develop tools and platforms to demonstrate the importance and impact promotional products have as an advertising medium.