Embroidery frames for laser systems

Cameo makes accessories compatible with laser systems and enables more precision and highest quality for processing textiles.

They are a pioneering addition to common embroidery machines: These are the laser devices, which allow decorating textiles in a quick manner with divers possibilities. “Especially on fleece and velvet we achieve sophisticated branding effects with our laser devices. Waterproof materials, such as softshell, can be embossed with this technique. Embroidery machines would destroy the waterproof surface,“ says Michael Ebel from Franz Hagemann GmbH &Co. KG, distributor of  cameo.

At Hagemann they developed a dedicated mounting device, which can take up embroidery frames of most divers sizes. It allows embroidery shops to convert their laser systems quickly, in order to process materials and products in very different and professional manners. A 61 Textildruck & Stickerei already uses this mount. The managing director Stephan Reinschmidt is amazed: “On one side we are of course happy that we can use our embroidery frames also with the laser device and don’t have to buy additional components. Furthermore it is an advantage to be able to work with an accessory that our operators already know. This allows to continue with proven processes without having to adapt to something new.”

“This made the decision to invest in a laser device even easier,“ underlines Heiko Gerhardt from Stickdesign Haiger. “The technique simply offers more possibilities for the textile decoration, such as rhinestone applications. And the best: it is compatible with existing machines.”

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