DiGit Numbering System

Vastex has recently released two new videos that demonstrate the DiGit, a universal numbering system that makes it easy and affordable to screen print numbers on team uniforms.

The first video starts off with a demonstration of how to use the DiGit universal numbering system. Two-digit numbers are printed onto a sports jersey.
Mike Vasilantone from Vastex explains that this system is unique because the attachment and the screen combined weigh only 26 pounds. This is accomplished by splitting up the number screens into 1-5 and 6-0.

The second video shows how two-color numbers can be printed. The Two-Color DiGit Numbering system can do numbers up to 12 inches. The video starts off with a four-head manual press and shows each of four attachments being mounted. Vasilantone then demonstrates the printing of a two-color No. 14.

 Vastex has distributors in North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.