Developments at Eisenkolb B.V

Eisenkolb B.V., supplier of textile machinery for customizing textile for the embroidery and printing industry, has moved to a new building. In September 2012 the company from Bladel moved into a large-scaled business complex at the Eindhoven Airport business park. The building consists of approx. 3,395 m work space and 1,409 m office space.

The new address details are:

Marinus van Meelweg 15

5657 EN Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)88 386 80 00

Fax: +31 (0)88 386 80 08



In the near future they will organize a grand opening and an open house show for their relations. We will keep you informed.

Brother textile printers th

The new series of Brother textile printers is set up in our showroom. With this new generation of the GT-3 Series, Brother will secure a leading position in quality and prices. The printers have a unique upgrade option. It is possible to upgrade the basic version in just two steps:

Upgrade step 1 consists of 2 white ink heads for printing textile in all colours.

Upgrade step 2 consists of 4 white ink heads for an extremely high production output.

This printer will grow along with your production. A unique concept!

SWF embroidery machines

The new SWF K Series embroidery machines are ready for demonstration. This new K Series is focused on production and quality improvements. It has a fully automatic lubrication system, a renewed thread guiding system, a higher jump stitch speed and a faster needle (colour) change.

Gunold embroidery supplies

Gunold has a new product called Thermoseal for keeping clothing waterproof after embroidering.  After embroidering, Thermoseal can be easily applied on the back of the embroidery and it is suitable for work clothing and outdoor textiles.  You can test this new product free of charge. Just send a mail to : to ask for a test sample and instructions for use.