Destination: Adventure

If you make your way to the mountains with James & Nicholson and Myrtle Beach, you are well protected against the wind, weather and sun. With functional fibres like Cooldry, finishes such as coldblack and Teflon, or the new Primaloft Sport padding, the James & Nicholson Trekking models will convince every outdoor fan.

With its range consisting of more than 60 articles, the new Trekking catalogue “Destination: Adventure” will make any hiker’s or tourer’s heart leap for joy. Layer for layer the James & Nicholson collection presents the must-haves for hikers and mountain tourists. The functional outfit is complemented by Myrtle Beach caps, hats and bandanas.

Shirts and pants form the basis of any outfit – there’s no way around them. “up and down” is thus the motto of the first chapter of the catalogue. In addition to functional long- and short-sleeved blouses and shirts, the range now includes four outdoor pants. The Zip-Off Pants (JN 582 / 583) offer protection and flexibility in all weather conditions. The partially elasticated waistband with belt loops and the lightweight fabric with spandex ensure great comfort.

Shirts and polo shirts

The absolute basics of any outdoor wardrobe are functional shirts and polos, which are presented in the “close to skin” chapter. The right choice especially in hot temperatures for ambitious trekking fans is, for example, the Ladies’ and Men’s Active Polo (JN 574 / 576). The quick-drying functional polo shirt made of micro-polyester is moisture-regulating and protects reliably against the sun with a UV protection factor of 25. Whether CoolDry for dry skin and a pleasant feel, upgrade silver as an odour killer or coldblack for reliable UV protection – the James & Nicholson T-Shirt and Polo collection offer a large number of models for any weather condition, for ladies and men.

And to be worn over the functional top: a lightweight jacket – the “intermediate” layer. These are lightweight fleece jackets made of stretch- and knit-fleece or the new Ladies’ and Men’s Hybrid Jacket (JN 592 / 593). The figure-hugging jacket consisting of a stylish material mix is made of soft, easy-care and breathable stretch-fleece with a back-stitched front and insulating Primaloft padding. This highly functional padding has excellent insulation properties and is lightweight, waterproof and breathable at the same time.

Packable jackets

In the mountains, the weather changes quickly. This requires practical, packable jackets that can be quickly slipped on at the first signs of wind and rain. “top shell” is thus the motto for the functional James & Nicholson jackets. Trendy softshell jackets and vests consisting of a 3-layer functional material with a PU membrane and trekking vests with a waterproof and dirt-repellent Teflon coating ensure maximum comfort in all weather conditions.PR_MB074_L

Now, the outfit is as good as perfect. But what would a trekking tour be without a suitable companion? “support” is thus the heading of the final chapter of the “Destination: Adventure” catalogue. From water-repellent hats through extra light caps to the versatile buffs such as the X-Tube (MB 074) in 13 styles and 11 colours, the Myrtle Beach and James & Nicholson models are ideal outdoor fashion add-ons.

All 64 trekking models can be experienced immediately in the new Trekking catalogue “Destination: Adventure 2013” as well as in the catalogue 2select 2013. All the articles can be customized with printing or embroidery.