DecoNetwork news

PikiCentral Pty Ltd and Wilcom Pty Ltd announced a joint venture in the formation of a new, independent entity, DecoNetwork Pty Ltd, to develop and manage the DecoNetwork platform.

The partners felt that the time was right to formally consolidate the platform’s success to date in a joint venture. A key aspect of this decision was to merge the relevant resources from Wilcom and PikiCentral into a new entity to enable a rapid expansion of the DecoNetwork platform.

Martin Kristiaman former CEO of Wilcom, will become CEO of DecoNetwork Pty Ltd (effective December 1, 2011). The vacancy created in Wilcom from this move is being filled on an interim basis by Four Bells Advisory Pty Ltd, an independent advisory group commissioned to undertake an internal review of Wilcom’s businesses as the first stage of the 2012 strategic plan. It is envisaged that a search for a permanent new CEO for Wilcom will commence early in the new year.

“The early success of DecoNetwork” Martin explains “has encouraged this joint venture partnership which will secure the future development of the platform, but also maximize the opportunities and demand we’re seeing for DecoNetwork.”

As a company DecoNetwork will focus on the core DecoNetwork platform that encompasses the DecoNetwork eCommerce website platform plus newly developed DecoKiosk, a ‘design your own’ touch-screen kiosk that brings personalization to the retail space.

As a part of this re-organization, Wilcom will become a key shareholder of the DecoNetwork Pty. Ltd. and be represented on the board of directors. Wilcom will maintain a close cooperative role in the future product development and direction of the DecoNetwork platform.

New touch-screen device for your pocket

DecoNetwork Pty. Ltd. and Microsoft Corporation showcased the latest in touch-screen kiosk technology at the ISS Long Beach (CA, USA) tradeshow. On display was DecoKiosk™, a ‘design your own’ touch-screen kiosk powered by the DecoNetwork platform, Microsoft® Surface™ technology and CorelDraw® graphics capability. This solution allows consumers to personalize products on any windows®-based touch-screen device such as portable tablet or wide-screen monitor and is managed remotely from anywhere in the world through the DecoNetwork platform.

As an add-on to a DecoNetwork subscription, DecoKiosk can be a complementary sales tool in a busy printer’s showroom to assist with order taking. It can also be remotely positioned in an airport lounge for self-serving consumers to purchase those last minute personalized gifts.

“This technology is the future of the decoration industry at a time when each of us carry our own touch-screen device in our pocket every day” explains Martin Kristiaman. DecoKiosk literally puts personalization into the hands of consumers, reducing the cost of producing mass customization and personalization quantity one.”