An all-new D-100 Sub-Compact Infrared Conveyor Dryer from Vastex International cures 110 plastisol-printed garments or 50 discharge-printed garments per hour.

“The D-100 is engineered for printers needing the smallest conveyor dryer possible, as well as for entry level printers upgrading from a spot heater,” says Mark Vasilantone, president. At 117 cm long and 61 cm wide, the tabletop unit fits in tight spots, including on utility carts with tops as small as 61 cm square.

Mobile screenprinters

“Since it draws only 1625 watts, it is also ideal for mobile screen printers to power on site using a small generator, at fairs, concerts, trade shows and other events where sales volume can be determined by drying capacity,” he explains.

The heater can be raised, lowered and pivoted using lock knobs on the sides of the heating chamber according to the thickness of printed garments and/or the angle of printed images on irregularly shaped items, for uniform curing of the printed area using minimum energy.

The compact unit is shippable worldwide via UPS, FedEx, DHL and other small package carriers.