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Cameo Laser expands laser range

Cameo LaserCameo Laser Franz Hageman GmbH has expanded its laser range with the Lasermaxx Plott. The CO2 system with a cost efficient DC laser source is available in four sizes – as Lasermaxx Plott 60, 70,100 or 125 with working areas of 600 x 400 to 1250 x 900 mm as well as power levels of 35 to 200 watts. The speciality of Lasermaxx Plott are thick materials, such as 15mm thick acrylic. This can be cut with only 100 watts with striking straight and clean edges.

Powerful laser beam

The Lasermaxx Plott has sophisticated hardware. At the heart of the machine is a DC laser source with a powerful laser beam and interchangeable lenses in different strengths depending on the needs of the application. Lasermaxx Plott is equipped with a cutting table made of slats that is very flexible. It allows to freely choose the number and the position of the aluminium bars in order to place the working material. This prevents from reflections during the laser process that could lead to burrs at the edges of acrylic. The machine has a silent water cooling system. This cooling system does not only help providing a healthy working environment through less noise, it also extends the lifespan of the lasers.

Special software

A special software for industrial laser applications has been developed for Lasermaxx Plott – the programs Laser Cut for Windows and Light Burn for Apple/iOS. Both have a professional CAD/CAM application and offer interfaces for all commonly used vector and pixel graphic formats.

Lasermaxx Plott is constructed and produced by Lotus Laser System in Great Britain. The manufacturer is renowned for machines that are tailor-made to the needs of their users. All lasers from Lotus are assembled with modules from industry-leading technology companies and comply with the high European safety standards including CE conformity.