Brother has brought together an all-star line-up designed to meet the embroidery and personalisation needs of small to medium businesses, from home, to start-up, to those looking to diversify.

Building on Brother’s 100+ years of sewing and embroidery manufacturing, coupled with in-depth customer research, these three machines combine operational simplicity with high-quality finishing, they are fast to set up, quick to learn, and still produce powerfully professional results.

Ten needles for the quickest stitch out

Brother PR1050X
 New PR1050X 10 needle embroidery machine. Picture: Brother Sewing Machines Europe

Leading the line-up is the PR1050X 10 needle embroidery machine. Featuring an extra-large 360 x 200 mm embroidery area it can handle bulky items like jackets and blankets with ease.

Ten needles provide a wider range of colours with no need for re-threading. Coupled with a variable stitch speed of up to 1,000 stitches per minute, it has been designed to produce beautiful work, fast.

The intelligent camera background and position scanning feature is 5x faster than older models. Together, with the on-screen embroidery preview, it means live, precise positioning for tricky items like caps and shoes. Designs can easily be re-sized, edited and angle adjusted to suit the garment or project.

The compact, modern and sleek design is ideal for small workshops or the home and is portable enough to be moved for use at events. A wide variety of accessories, such as the embroidery designing software My Design Center, give the user the flexibility to embroider a huge range of items.

Six needles for those wanting to add more

Brother PR670E 60 needle embroidery machine
New PR670E 60 needle embroidery machine. Picture: Brother Sewing Machines Europe

Created for those who are thinking of starting a home-based embroidery business or those looking to add embroidery services to an existing business, the six needle PR670E incorporates user-friendly features you would find in Brother’s home embroidery machine range, together with the speed and finish of a commercial model.

Its quick set up and fast, multi-needle embroidery means it can embroider large (up to 300 x 200 mm), multi-coloured designs with minimum thread changes, significantly increasing productivity.

With an LED needle drop pointer, the PR670E makes precision easy. Onscreen letter input and editing, plus 640 built-in designs, provide endless customisation possibilities.

Both the PR1050X and the PR670E feature an easy threading system that prevents thread tangling. Colour thread sorting and an industrial-level stitch acceleration provides a fast stitch out time.

Three USB ports, an SD card reader, plus the ability to link up to four machines to a PC with Brother’s PE Design software, make the PRs the versatile workhorse for any serious embroidery and personalisation business.

One needle for precision and professionalism

Brother VR
New single needle VR embroidery machine. Picture: Brother Sewing Machines Europe

Designed to produce the most intricate embroidery with a crisp, accurate finish, the single needle VR is a high-speed embroidery machine that also quickly converts into a free-motion quilting machine.

Designed for the personalisation market it can be used on everything from towels and clothes to bags, shoes and dog collars.

The VR has been designed with a four spool thread stand, ideal for quick thread changes. The colour sorting function allows fewer thread changes, saving time and finishing stitch outs more quickly. For an even quicker finish, the single colour pattern converter switches multicoloured embroidery designs to just one chosen colour.

A free arm means there is ample space to easily tackle tricky jobs like sleeves, jeans pockets and shirt lapels.

With the optional free-motion embroidery kit, the VR can easily be converted to a free-motion embroidery machine. Add free-motion stippling to quilts to achieve a personal finish.

User-focussed design

All three machines have been built with the user in mind. As well as being easy to use they all boast a sharp, large, full colour touchscreen, learning support videos, built-in designs and fonts, and easy access to the bobbin, often being able to change the bobbin without having to remove the frame.

Roné Auret, Senior Marketing Manager, from Brother Sewing Machines Europe said, “With over a hundred years of technological advances we are still at the forefront of embroidery and personalisation solutions, and these three machines prove just that.

“We have spent a long time working with businesses and home-sewing customers to work out what it is they need to produce stand out products in a highly-competitive market. We understand that time, ease of use, cost and finish are all drivers for business, no matter what their size. Our machines are all designed with that in mind.

“And we have recognised that, for some businesses, one machine won’t always be enough. Which is why our PR business solutions embroidery machines are interconnectable. To increase volume and output, both of which are essential to small businesses, we’ve enabled up to four PRs to be connected via cables to a PC.

“2020 is going to be an exciting year for us. Not only are we looking at expanding connectivity and technological advances for the PR range, we are working hard behind the scenes to bring you the next generation in hardware, software and accessories.