B&C T-shirts

To get ready for sunnier days ahead, B&C has put its summertime collection together with a wide range of 45 T-shirts, offered in 82 colours.


Diva Blue is the flagship in B&C’s new colour selection this year. It has been included to B&C Exact 150, Exact 190, Exact 190/women, Men and Women Only models. Harnessing the calmness of blue and vitality of green, no-one will escape a sea of turquoise this summer.

Duo B&C Women-Only and B&C Men-Only (Diva Blue)

45 T-shirts to suit every mood
By turns classic, vintage, rock’n’roll, sporty or resolutely trendy, B&C is releasing a set of T-shirts, styled for a well-considered cut, made of highly effective materials, whose range of colours lets you indulge the mood of the moment.

B&C Love Madness

For her, B&C has 19 models, specially designed to flatter the female form. The beauty lies in the detail. Whether it’s the B&C Love Madness smock that reveals the shoulders, the gathered sleeves of the B&C Women-Only Magic smock, the hooded B&C Women-Only Bubble singlet, the butterfly sleeves of B&C Vintage Chic/ Women, the metallic colour of B&C Marcelle Metallic /women or the heart-shaped cursor of the B&C Love Star:- women take pride of place at B&C.

B&C Men Shape

For him, B&C offers a range of 23 male and unisex T-shirts. Classics giving excellent value for money, such as B&C Exact 150 and B&C Exact 190 to the most virile, with the B&C Marcel singlet or the V-shaped collar of B&C Men-Shape, via the more sporty with the B&C Athletic Move and B&C Exact Move, there’s something to suit every taste. 

But children haven’t been left out: B&C Exact 150/kids, B&C Exact 190/kids and B&C BaseBall/kids are so cute with their mix of bright or pastel shades, as well as mini-sized, available in sizes to suit ages 1 to 14.

B&Cbiosfair Tee/Men


Concerned about the planet? The purchase of B&C Biosfair Tee /men and B&C Biosfair Tee/women T-shirts made with Fairtrade Certified Cotton and EKO certified organic cotton contributes to the improvement of working and living conditions of Cotton Producers as well as to the respects of environment in being grown without using pesticides or artificial fertilizers.

 The B&C collection is the result of extensive research, an inquiring mind and sheer fascination with creativity. All B&C T-shirts are Oeko-Tex 100-certified. B&C is also a member of FAIRWEAR Foundation and BSCI.

Every model in the collection was meant to be printed. The 9 materials offered by B&C, from the most common (the 100% cotton single jersey) through to the most trendy (Single Jersey with slub yarn, 2×2 rib, etc.) ensure maximum back-up for all your promotions.