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Back live and digitally extended

A dual business experience awaits the next Viscom Italia 2021 edition, to be held in Live+Digital format from 30th September to 2nd October in halls 8/12 at fieramilano and carries on until 5 October on a new digital platform. The 32nd edition’s focus is to highlight the fundamental links between creativity and commitment to sustainability.

A dual business experience awaits the next Viscom Italia 2021 edition. Photo: Viscom Italia

Specifically designed to provide concrete support to companies, an event from which the market will rebound, showing off all the sector innovations in a “business-oriented” appointment. Exhibitors will be able to boost potential sales turnover thanks to our new “creative digital hub”, which takes place at the same time as the in-person gathering and continues on alone until 5th October. Companies will get the long overdue chance to speak directly to their customers, communicate remotely with new international visitors, create one-to-one meetings and do webinars focusing on the most innovative sector applications.

In addition to the gathering’s daily showcasing of cutting-edge technological solutions, there will be an agenda packed with on-site events. Each one remotely accessible via live streaming thus allowing the entire visual community to stay connected and keep abreast of future market trends and scenarios.

Viscom Italia Live+Digital will be a truly immersive experience aimed at (re)connecting entrepreneurs, professionals, visitors and the press. Finally it’s the opportunity to come together “in person” as well as “virtually”, re-experiencing the pleasure of discovering, touching, sharing smiles and re-capturing the emotional side of our work.

Create. Discover. Sustain

“Create. Discover. Sustain” is the motto with which Viscom Italia Live+Digital brings to life a true call to action, aimed at the creativity sector. Calling upon the community to display courage, work in synergy and to relaunch the business and together develop a new sustainable sector ecosystem.

With sustainability as the central theme clearly in mind: Reed Exhibitions Italia and Viscom Italia are concretely committed to promoting responsible communication, hosting and enhancing technologies, applications, products, solutions and communication models that combine production ethics, respect for the environment, diversity and quality of life for everyone.

Viscom Italia wants the excellence of our industry at centre stage to build a better future and enhance “ethically-minded” business models, whilst also embracing the 17 goals set out in the United Nations 2030 Agenda (Goals for Sustainable Development). Moreover, Reed Exhibitions Italia is in the process of setting up its own sustainable event Management System in compliance with the international standard ISO 20121.

The ISO 20121 standard sets up guidelines and good practices for the management of events and control on their social, economic and environmental impacts. This process, which is being certified by ICIM Spa, an independent certification body founded by ANIMA (Confindustria Meccanica Varia) established in 1988, is on track to be completed on time for the Viscom Italia 2021 edition.

Getting certified not only represents Reed Exhibitions Italia’s commitment to sustainability; but also the desire to become a ‘sustainable’ driving force for the entire supply chain, from exhibitors to visitors and partners.

“We are very proud of this new path to make our Viscom Italia Live+Digital edition a reality, which will present the latest and most important issues related to sustainability and the green circular economy and is one hundred percent committed to supporting the sector. We are working harder than ever in order to ensure a totally safe event and have gone all out to offer a high quality service in terms of content for our exhibitors and visitors. The in-person exhibition is crucial for the sector. We are aware of the difficulty of international travel but the vaccination campaign is proceeding well in Europe and throughout Italy. We are confident that travelling will once again resume. At the same time we really wanted to create a parallel digital event in order to offer all those visitors, who will not be able to attend, a complete and extensively rewarding business experience”, Cecilia Montalbetti, Exhibition Manager Viscom Italia proudly states.

In order to relaunch new communication messages and spur food for thought, the event has got the backing from  important sector related associations such as: AIAP for graphic designers, ALA Assoarchitetti for the architecture and design sector and Comieco Consorzio Nazionale Recupero e Riciclo degli imballaggi a base cellulosica (National Consortium for the Recovery and Recycling of Cellulose-based Packaging). Visitors, be it in Milan or digitally, participating at Viscom Italia will find a full programme of captivating activities including meetings, discussions and appointments.

Viscom Talks

An opinion-sharing event, Viscom Talks has been projected with the aim to delve into the most talked about hot topics affecting the market. Meetings and discussions with self-made testimonials and professionals, who have written their own success stories, challenged established norms and created new growth paths. The array of planned meetings will cover various sustainability topics related to packaging, fashion, creativity and communication, retail and architecture and much more. Talks can be followed via streaming on the digital platform thanks to an interactive streaming recording.

The diffusion of visual communication culture has never been held back. In fact, in April and May Viscom Italia organised the Viscom Digital Talks for our community, touching on various topics such as Life Cycle Assessment in Display Design, visual interactions between Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Gaming. The last, of this first series of appointments, set for 23rd June 2021 at 3.30 p.m. in live zoom, focuses on the world of physical and digital fonts.

The DIVA, Display Italia Viscom Award appointment, in collaboration with Display Italia magazine and sponsored by Comieco is back! It’s the most important international competition, rewarding creativity and innovation in point-of-sale display solutions. Designers, creative agencies, P.O.P. material producers will all fight it out. Putting their displays under the competition limelight, in the following categories: durable and non-durable display solutions, digital signage devices, packaging, vending, retail design and shop fittings. A jury of communication experts along with your fair vote gets to decide who will be the next DIVA 2021 competition winners!

Once again the Elementaria event, organised in collaboration with Display Italia magazine, takes its spot on stage. This year, the event created to show off the most creative display solutions, puts under the spotlight hi-design prototypes dedicated to the world of consumer electronics, fashion and cosmetics. Internationally renowned designers and artists join forces with manufacturers to propose display projects that will (re)define future retail and brand industry trends.

Creating an online professional community where the most up-to-date market related content and trends are shared is the drive of our social pages: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn. Enriched with new specific sections, articles, and in-depth analyses contained in our Social Magazine bursting with energy and creativity, are designed to stimulate and promote, all that is going on in the world of visual communication.