Azon at Fespa

Azonprinter will present their broad range at Fespa Digital, in Hall A4 on stand E25. On show will be Azon DTS, Azon DTS White and AzonTexPro.

Azon DTS

Azon DTS is the next big thing from Azon. Using specially developed gellatine-based ink, DTS prints on any material.  Wood, glass, metal, aluminum, plastic and many others, while surfaces can be either flat or rough, it makes no difference.

There is also no need for primer. The ink being used is the same for any material, and since it is non solvent, the printer does not require any maintenance. Just turn on, print, and turn off.

DTS is available in three models: standard DTS, DTS Pro and DTS ProL. The printing surface for the standard DTS is 42x60cm, for DTS pro 60x180cm and for DTS ProL 118x250cm.

Azon DTS White

Azon DTS is now also available with white color. For the first time, print white easily on to any surface and material. White under-coat allows for vivid full-color, photo-quality prints on any material you want. Both DTS White and ordinary DTS are available, because Azonprinter wants to provide the customers with the choice best suited for their needs.

Azon TexPro

Azon TexPro for direct-to-garment printing  makes the best possible mix of quality, ease of use and affordability.

It prints on 90% of textiles (t-shirt, apron, jean, bag, cap, etc.); uses the same water-pigment based ink for every material; has magnetic tables (for easy switching) in all sizes; prints up to 50 light and 15 dark shirts per hour.