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During the 12th TITV Innovations the scientists of TITV Greiz presented their current research results to a broad professional audience. In addition to the on-site visit, it was also possible for the first time to participate digitally in the meeting.

The developments for Smart Textiles, such as new contacting processes for electronic components on textiles, modular systems for a textile-based IoT concept or a luminous curtain, generated large interest in the industry.

“It is very exciting to see how quickly innovations are evolving in the industry,” says Britta Moritzer of Statex. “The event has impressively shown how far we are already on the way to widespread use of Smart Textiles”.

“After many industry events had been cancelled or had been held exclusively in digital form, we were able to achieve one of the first personal meetings for experts from textile development and research in compliance with all infection protection regulations,” says a delighted Dr. Fabian Schreiber, Managing Director of TITV Greiz. “The overwhelmingly positive response of the participants shows how important such meetings are.”

Textile with photoluminescent coating. Photo: TITV Greiz.

Photoluminescent textiles with long lighting duration

The experts of TITV Greiz succeeded in achieving an impressive afterglow effect on textiles. By using powder coating as an innovative application method, the proportion of photoluminescent pigments in the coating can be increased. Compared with conventional processes, this generates a significantly higher luminance with an intensive afterglow effect.

In addition to partially structured photoluminescent surfaces in a freely selectable design, full-area coatings can also be created. Numerous application possibilities make this development interesting for the textile industry: protective clothing, promotional items, home textiles, marking of escape and rescue routes and ambient lighting can be produced using textile luminous surfaces.

E-Web for easy contacting of textiles

Scientists from TITV Greiz presented a new process for electrical connections for Smart Textiles. Conductive thermoplastic adhesive nonwovens were developed, which are based on different manufacturing processes and adapted to the requirements. With the conductive adhesive fleece it is possible for the first time to contact textiles and electrical conductors with a conventional iron. The results are robust, flexible and reliable contacts.

New technology in TITV Greiz 

A large number of visitors took the opportunity to take a tour of the institute’s pilot plants and laboratories. The staff of the institute presented the new machine technology with great commitment.