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Why Kornit

Garments printed with Kornit Presto. Photo: Kornit Digital.

Kornit Digital offers the only pigment-based digital direct-to-fabric system with inline fixation and curing, enabling a single-step, single-operator process to deliver durable, retail-quality, ready-to-ship impressions on a wide variety of fabrics, in any quantity.

Used in conjunction with Kornit’s proprietary NeoPigment™ Robusto ink set, Kornit production systems are OEKO-TEX ECO PASSPORT certified, GOTS approved, and BLUESIGN certified to meet the highest sustainability standards, while the Softener solution ensures a soft hand-feel to meet the needs of even the most discerning fashion designers, as demonstrated by an eclectic group of designers participating in the series of Kornit Fashion Week events, which saw creators bring both fashion and home décor collections from design to reality in mere weeks using this on-demand production technology.

As outlined in Kornit’s 2021 Impact Report, a life cycle assessment of Kornit Presto S demonstrated the system uses up to 95% less water and 94% less energy relative to contemporary screenprinting solutions, while producing up to 83% fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

“Total flexibility, and the quality is just outstanding”

Kornit Presto Max. Photo: Kornit Digital.

Based in Portugal, Blur offers full production services to fashion brands, from printing and embroidering, to pattern development and prototype manufacturing, to full production of collections. They also provide direct-to-consumer and dropship services, making high-quality fulfillment accessible to a large and growing customer base.

“Kornit is the most eco-friendly solution on the marketplace, since it uses 100% biodegradable inks,” says Blur Founder and CEO Mariano Dias. “Our printers now run 24 hours a day. We can produce all volumes from one piece to large quantities, but our main order sizes are 500 pieces. Kornit’s printers give us total flexibility, and the quality is just outstanding. Today, we have come clients who only want to print with Kornit technology because of that.”

To learn more about creating new opportunities, growing your product line, and building a more sustainable operation with transformative digital on-demand capabilities, visit Kornit.com.