Joint project “print design!” at viscom

viscom, International Trade Fair for Visual Communication, Technology and Design, presents digital printing in practice. From 13 to 15 October the revised “print design!” presentation showcases realised examples of the many and varied possibilities of customising interior decoration and furniture.

The area will be furnished by manufacturers of machines and materials with exhibits that illustrate current possibilities for applying digital printing in settings such as shops, foyers, reception areas, restaurants, bars or trade fair stands. The focus is on two theme worlds: “multi color”, which illustrates colour variety and brilliance, and “interior textures”, a display of various material motifs.

Joint project by manufacturers of machinery and materials

The centre of the “print design!” display area is taken up by a catering area with a large, circular, digitally printed counter with a dimensional circular textile structure suspended from the ceiling above. Other exhibits demonstrating the unlimited possibilities of this technology include seating furniture, a variety of floor coverings such as laminate and carpeting, tables, glass steles, display frames and display racks.

Several companies work together to create the total picture. Archidea-Art (Engel Oberflächentechnik) for instance manufactures indoor glass surfaces onto which digitally printed artwork can be transferred. Possible uses are furniture fronts, doors, wall panelling or, for instance, kitchen countertops. Consystec Gesellschaft für Produktentwicklung contributes signing systems and universal mounts. The Falk & Ross Group Europe specialises in the textile sector and provides the uniforms for the service staff at the fair. Macron in turn lays film flooring in the area.

Design: “multi color” and “interior texture”

The exhibits are printed to fit in with the “multi color” and “interior texture” theme worlds which illustrate the quality and variety of digital printing technology. “Multi color” demonstrates the extensive colour range to be realised by digital printing, as well as examples of its brilliancy, intensity and rich colour. The “interior texture” examples show material motifs such as timber, textile or stone textures. The synergy of both theme worlds is to appeal primarily to architects, planners, interior decorators and designers. This is also why the catering area is called the “architects’ lounge”.

Customised Design Forum

The “print design!” presentation is part of the Customised Design Forum. In cooperation with the raumPROBE materials agency, Forteam Communication and Mutoh Deutschland the Customised Design Forum at viscom offers everything related to the digitally printed world. The “print design!” exhibition section and the “Customised Design meets Materials” special area showcase a large selection of application examples and the respective technologies.

The supporting programme with the Customised Printing Workshop, the Textile Summit and “Lunch & Learn” as well as the “From pixel to product” presentations rounds off the offer. Target groups include specialists from the fields of architecture and decoration, (industrial) design, shop fitting and trade fair stand construction and from manufacturing sectors such as the furniture, textile, tile, wall design, plastics and fashion industries.