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On ITMA Connect you can now watch the presentations held during ITMA 2023. Photo: ITMA Services.

On ITMAconnect platform you can now watch the presentations held during ITMA 2023 and inform yourself of the technologies that were launched during the show, especially in the areas of digitalisation and sustainability.


The Innovator Xchange showcased revolutionary ideas in the textile industry. From smart textiles to sustainable manufacturing techniques, this platform brought together thought leaders, visionaries, and disruptors who are shaping the textile landscape of tomorrow.

The ITMA 2023 Textile Colourants and Chemicals Forum held intense discussions on minimising the carbon footprint of chemical treatment, improving dyehouse output treatment, fibre fragmentation, and achieving safe and sustainable chemistry.

The ITMA 2023 Nonwovens Forum brought to light the incredible versatility and innovation present in nonwovens manufacturing. From medical applications to filtration systems, nonwovens have evolved beyond traditional textile concepts and applications.


Fully integrated technologies with up-to-the-minute automated features for the end-to-end production of fully-finished garments and home textiles are in abundance, as showcased by exhibitors on the platform.

Technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and automation are becoming increasingly important in the textile industry, and new machines and software can significantly streamline production and improve efficiency. Find out how AI-powered systems can help production lines and how some of the technologies featured on ITMAconnect uses AI.


You can register for an ITMAconnect visitor account at €25 (excluding VAT). Membership is valid till 14 November 2026, regardless of when you sign up.