At the Texprocess show Gunold  presents its broad range of embroidery threads, embroidery stabilisers, speciality materials and auxiliary materials for the embroidery industry in Hall 5, Booth B91. Furthermore a wide selection of new innovative products will be introduced.

Embroidery thread-news

The viscose thread Sulky® has been the most popular thread from the wide range of Gunold’s embroidery threads. Made of 100% brand-name viscose (Enka® viscose) and thanks to its silky smooth shine and flawless, even colouring. Sulky comes in 335 solid colours and in 55 variegated/multicolour shades. Sulky weight 30 offers more volume than the standard Sulky weight 40. It saves stitches in large-scale designs and in appliqué borders. It also shortens machine time and is therefore an important factor if productivity is an issue. Sulky 30 is also popular for decorative stitching and voluminous appearance, especially for terry cloth and rough textured, knitted materials.

The new embroidery thread Silk with its precious look and matt sheen is made of 100% pure Chinese silk and is a first-class solution for embroideries on exclusive fabrics and extravagant clothing. Silk is currently available in 12 different shades.

In contrast, Poly is an extremely durable high-quality polyester thread, which comes in 300 different shades and is available in two different weights, 40 and 60 (for small intricate letterings and details) And wherever it may get hot, Poly fire, a flame-retardant polyester thread with a new improved chemical composition, is the right choice. It is available in 27 popular shades and is ideal for embroideries on laboratory coats, seats in airplanes, car mats and curtains. Small letterings are no challenge for poly fire. This polyester thread is smoother than Nomex or Aramide threads, therefore the letterings appear to be more detailed. Poly fire is now tested according to EN 533 Index 3 and is certified according to EN ISO 15025 and EN ISO 6941 thus comparable to Trevira® CS textiles.


The stabilizer assortment Stiffy by Gunold with its 30 different stabiliser alternatives offers the right choice for every fabric – a cut-away or tear-away stabilizer, one with a coating or a self-adhesive non-woven.

Brand-new is the self-adhesive embroidery backing which is now called filmoplast. It comes in make-ups to fit popular embroidery hoops which saves money and is eco-friendly as well. Filmoplast is now available in a heavier weight, in black and white, in different widths of 50cm, 65cm, 85cm or 100cm, each on rolls of 25m. The weight of this stabiliser corresponds to the former type 140.

Bobbin thread-News

A fine and smooth, yet tear-resistant bobbin thread is indispensable for the embroidery process and the special impact of embroideries. The under thread series Bobby is the ideal complement for high-quality upper threads. Bobby, made of 100% polyester, is available in black and white. Brand new in the range of bobbin threads is Bobby fil 120 L. This is a pre-wound bobbin thread, with no sides and no core and numerous advantages e.g. an even thread delivery and identical length of thread for every single bobbin as well as a higher productivity because the bobbin thread is thinner thus the bobbin includes more thread. 120 L is just like Bobby fil 110 L (with core and sides) available in black and white but it is somewhat cheaper because sides and cores are saved.

Another advantage can be seen during the embroidery process: The automatic bobbin thread sensor works a lot better if the bobbin does not have any sides. And if a bobbin thread on cones is preferred, Gunold has the right answer for this as well. Bobby Syn and Bobby Eco 100 complement the wide range of bobbin threads for each and every preference.

Thermofix – something quite different

Thermofix is a material of quite a different nature. With this new material the ironing-on of emblems and patches is a breeze. By using Thermofix, it is easy and fast to affix embroidery designs onto jackets, shirts and fabrics. Permanently – even after frequent washings. Thermofix has a similar texture as nonwovens, therefore the material stays flat while cutting. Arranging of appliqués is getting a lot easier this way. Crimping and coiling up which happens quite often when using adhesive films, are a thing of the past. Furthermore, the silicon paper does not have to be cut out together with the adhesive fibres; instead it is just placed separately on top while ironing.

In addition, Thermofix is a lot cheaper and is applied by a regular household iron or heat press. Cutting out, ironing-on – that’s all there is to it. It is the perfect solution for very small and tricky areas where fixation by machine is simply impossible. Also great for fusing edges and for seaming.

Training  – a never ending story

The companies Emtrain and Constitch, represented by Daniela Hutter and Massimo Baezzato, will be available for expert advice and for all questions regarding embroidery digitising and services, embroidery software and education. In addition to the seminars and workshops, Gunold introduces for the first time a new video training series, to help visualizing expert advice and solutions to common embroidery problems. In just four minutes the embroiderer can see and easily understand how it works. Currently there are two different videos available with the following topics:”Embroidering of patches and emblems” and “embroidering on terrycloth” which can also be watched on Gunold’s website at (Video Training Series).