Dear Readers,


As you will have noticed, the name of Eurostitch Magazine has changed to Stitch & Print International. This new name for our magazine matches its contents better.

The original name Eurostitch dates from when we began as an embroidery magazine for embroiderers in Europe. Over the years, more and more screenprinters have started with embroidery as well and more and more embroiderers have started offering a digital printing service. Eurostitch adapted to write for screenprinters, digital printers and embroiderers all over the world. Stitch & Print International is therefore a more appropriate name.

We are very proud, not only of our new name, but also of the building of a completely new website. At you find the latest news and details of shows as well as all the links to important companies in the industry.

At our new website you can also find a reader questionnaire in which you can give your opinions about the new magazine and website. All respondents will be entered into a draw and ten lucky people will receive a one-year free subscription to our magazine (current-year subscriptions will be automatically extended for one year for free)!

Our trade magazine has made some changes – it is important for every company to change their business as and when appropriate. Not only can it be successful to add a new product, but it can also be very helpful to make some changes in your company. You can change the thinking of your company: the mindset ‘it is not possible’ should change to ‘anything is possible’. Such thinking will generate more business. Manfred Wolters talks about this in his article: Embroidery machines in Germany.

If you were unable to visit the IMB or FESPA Digital Europe shows, you can read more about these events and the latest developments in the market. It may seem a little while ago but the information is still interesting, so stay updated.

Enjoy your reading,