Promodoro’s sports range is being expanded. The colourful “Teamline” team sports collection will expand the range of products in the sports area from 2011.

Image: promodoro

With a fresh design and made from robust material (with 3M Scotchgard moisture management finish), the Teamline collection is a good choice for team sports. The new training and competition outfits offer a complete programme for training and presentation requirements: from training and away game shirts, warm-up sweats, complete kits with either short or long arms, through training and presentation suits up to jackets and many different individual trousers. In total 22 different products in up to six colour combinations are available for selection in sizes ranging from S-XXL for adults and 128-176 for children.

Easy-care and robust

The properties of the material used in the team sport collection ensure the best wearing features as well as high durability.  Regular wear and frequent washing places a great strain on many materials. They very often lose their shape and intensity of colour. The Teamline products, on the other hand, retain their shape and their colours keep their brilliance.  On top of this, the collection pieces, made from knitted fabric, have a special finish which ensures that they are easy-care and comfortable to wear.

Image: promodoro

 “The 3M Scotchgard moisture management finish has a dirt-repellent effect”, explains Birgit Jussen, head of quality assurance at promodoro: “The textiles can be washed more gently, which is not only good for the clothes but also for the environment.” The special treatment with Scotchgard technology ensures that moisture is transported away from the body to the outside. The clothing is breathable and therefore remains dryer than other textiles which do not have this finish.  An optimal heat-exchange also prevents a heat build-up when involved in intensive sports activities.

The special finish of the knitted fabric also provides the best conditions for further textile finishing.  “The Teamline collection expands our spectrum of well-conceived functional clothing in the Promodoro sports area to now include team sports”, says Birgit Jussen.