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Stitch & Print International wishes you a happy and healthy 2022!

We are proud to celebrate our 30th anniversary this year. For 30 years now, we have been offering trade information for the garment decoration industry!

The printed magazine was started by Jacqueline de Gast in 1992 under the name Eurostitch Magazine. Jacqueline is the fourth generation of embroiderers. Her father owned an embroidery company. He received trade information from his machine manufacturer and by visiting ITMA shows. To make it easier for companies to spread news and information about their products, Jacqueline decided to start a European magazine 30 years ago.

Changes and continuation

I started to work for Eurostitch Magazine at the end of 1998. I was surprised then to hear about the existence of an embroidery industry. I had never realized at all that such an industry even existed! In 2008, the name of Eurostitch Magazine was changed into Stitch & Print International. By then, many embroidery companies had started offering printing services and many printing companies had started offering embroidery services.

Many people who worked for the companies when I started the job are still working for these companies and participating in the trade show nowadays. Gustav Daiber company was already on the cover of Eurostitch Magazine and are still there today. And like Jacqueline’s father did in the past, we still visit ITMA as well as other shows.

Our previous editor Alan Harmston checked the English texts until 2017 when our current English editor Margaret Meijssen took over. Our German translator Daniel Hartmeier was already involved with the German translations for Eurostitch Magazine and is still working for Stitch & Print International today. Some things change and some things stay the same!

International communication platform

For news items, people nowadays are no longer solely dependent on printed trade magazines. A communication platform with independent information that is not easily found on the internet is now being offered as well. This year, next to our four printed issues, we will again provide online magazines and news in our digital newsletters on our website. Our social media channels will inform you about all the news in the industry!

In our next printed/digital issue of 22 February you can also read the whole story about our 30 years existence and also watch some pictures taken during the 30 years of existence.

We look forward to a new year with hopefully plenty of live events!

Marion Zuurveen