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The Fashion and Retail industries are constantly shifting and changing. Here are three notable changes that forced brands, fulfillers, and everyone in between to step up their game:

Higher market demands

Consumers spend their hard-earned money on clothing items and demand the highest standards in return. Over the years, their demands have grown and have become more specific.

Online shopping becomes the default

Pandemic lockdowns forced billions of consumers to find alternatives for their routine habits. Those who didn’t give online shopping a go before the Covid-19 era learned to embrace the virtual arena. This accelerated and changed people’s behaviors and it is here to stay. Now, more than ever before, online shopping is the default option.

The supply chain shift

Speaking of business partners, the supply chain shift that started a few years ago has dramatically increased in the past year, changing the roles of many players in the fashion and retail game. Brands learned not to put all their eggs in one basket and started collaborating with multiple textile print fulfillers. Many companies moved their production closer to consumers in onshoring and nearshoring procedures.

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