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The fashion and retail markets have never been more demanding, with customers presenting detailed requirements to brands and fulfillers. Each and every one of these demands was taken into consideration when designing and building the new Atlas MAX, officially presented in April of this year.

Powered by Kornit’s revolutionary new MAX Technology, the Atlas MAX establishes a new standard for on-demand fashion and apparel production and offers creative freedom and growth opportunities you’ve never dreamed of.

On-demand production

Kornit Digital make textiles a more responsive and responsible industry. Photo: Kornit Digital.

“There’s a growing realization and acceptance that on-demand production is the answer to meet the demands of today’s consumer,” said Kornit Digital CEO Ronen Samuel, upon announcing the release of Kornit Atlas MAX. “Kornit’s MAX technology defines the future of on-demand, sustainable textile production, and the future is here now. MAX offers a rare sustainable symbiosis, more creativity, less waste. I am excited to experience what’s possible once the collective brilliance of our industry begins to create digitally, without limits. A world of opportunity awaits us.”

By aligning demand with supply on a global level, Kornit Digital will do its part to make textiles a more responsive and responsible industry. By capitalizing on the true potential of digitized production, producers like you will generate less garbage, and more profits, in the years to come.

Here is what Kornit’s Atlas Max Beta Customers have been experiencing from the Atlas MAX Beta tests:

Scott Vallancy, COO, TSC Miami, USA: “The Atlas MAX has been outstanding as it comes to the engineering that has been put behind it. Within 4 to 5 days, we were running that machine 24/7. We definitely see a 12 to 15% uptake on output. It was truly ready to put into a production facility. It is truly revolutionary in one off digital printing. I feel this was really the machine we were looking for to get into the additional retail markets which were potentially a barrier of entry prior to the technology. This is the machine, there is nothing like it on the market.”

Hanne Dinkel, Chief Customer Officer, Spreadshirt, Germany: “Quality wise we were really surprised at what the Atlas MAX can deliver. We are printing on demand which means we have to handle a lot of different garments and therefore the Altas MAX is providing a much better quality. I would say, for those companies, looking for a high industry standard, I could definitely recommend the Kornit Atlas MAX. The new technologies are also going to be a game-changer in the print on-demand business.”

Georg Stricker, Technical Manager, Boender&Beutel, Germany: “At the moment, we are able to print 100 to 120 pieces per hour on this machine. The colors, I must say, are exceptionally good. It is more colourful, the designs are looking brighter before. This is really a machine made for high production.”

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