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Whether it’s the dynamics of the processing, the durability and functionality of the clothing, or the quality of the print, with the Avalanche Poly Pro there is no compromise!”.

Flyeralarm sports has set itself head and shoulders above the competition with the Avalanche Pro from Kornit Digital. Photo: Kornit Digital.

Flyeralarm is one of the largest German e-commerce companies and one of the leading online printers in Europe. While the medieval Rosenberg fortress it sits under is a reminder of the past, its state-of-the-art production hall presents the future of textile printing. It consists of an almost completely digital value chain that perfectly positions it to maximize the opportunities presented by a textile printing market where currently just 3% is digitally printed.

With its subsidiary Flyeralarm sports, the company has established an additional foothold in textile printing, a market that is as dynamic as it is fast-growing. Here, in the “premier league” for print specialists, there are still many opportunities for innovative providers who want to build new business models with modern technologies.

Perfect sports equipment

Flyeralarm sports can now play in a league of its own and confidently deliver on its mission to provide athletes and teams with perfect sports equipment. Its digital process begins with uploading the print file in the jersey configurator on Flyeralarm’s website and ends with photorealistic printing on polyester.

The Kornit Avalanche Poly Pro is the best production solution for scoring points with athletes and fans. It even has its own section in the online shop to advertise its advantages.  Handball or football teams, track, field or fitness athletes, clubs, and individual athletes can all order jerseys, shirts, or tracksuits from the online team sports shop that are as colourful as they are functional.

Efficient, flexible, and easy to operate, the Avalanche Pro is a ‘”real gamechanger in the field of sports textiles,” states Martin Fiedler, Marketing and Brand Manager at Flyeralarm sports. Photo: Kornit Digital.

He continues: “Whether it’s the dynamics of the processing, the durability and functionality of the clothing, or the quality of the print – with the Poly Pro there is no compromise!”.

What he particularly appreciates about the Avalanche Poly Pro is the photorealistic reproduction on white or coloured polyester fabrics, the innovative NeoPigment Olympia ink, and the press’s high dynamics and efficiency.

He further comments: “No more concessions have to be made in the choice of motif, and the fact that small series can be printed without large-scale pre-production makes printing not only resource-saving but also very dynamic to use.”

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