• New: Kornit Avalanche 951

    Kornit Digital will demonstrate the next generation of the Kornit Direct-On-Garment printers at the 2010 SGIA expo in Las Vegas, featuring unprecedented printing speeds with the new Kornit Avalanche 951 Digital printer for high-volume production businesses. Read More →

  • One fabric for all

    Neschen AG is introducing new fabrics into its range with immediate effect: DYEtex flag 110 B1, DYEtex display 220 B1 and VARItex decoframe 250 B1 CA (250 g/m², fire certificate B1, CA-certified coating). All three are manufactured entirely in Germany. Read More →

  • Madeira Garnfabrik´s E-ZEE

    If you want to achieve high quality results in embroidery, you need to use high quality embroidery threads. Madeira offers a very comprehensive range of high quality embroidery threads in many different weights. Read More →

  • Discover Sol’s 2010 outdoor and winter products

    Sol’s 2010 outdoor and winter products combine technicality and style. With its complete textile and bags range, Sol’s is a major player in your promotional operations. Sol’s also offers a wide collection of T-shirts, polo shirts, shirts and bags. Read More →