Industry news

Texo Trade Services (TTS) have opened a second site. Covering an area of approximately 3,000 m², this additional warehouse will store thirty to forty per cent of its inventory. That is why  the company has broadened its partnership with Van Noort, the full-service logistics company in Waddinxveen.

The expansion with a second site represents an almost doubling of the current warehousing capacity. Photo: TTS.

New premises outgrown after three years

The second site is in Waddinxveen, five kilometres from the 6,000 m2 headquarters and warehouse in Moordrecht. TTS will be using the additional warehouse for unloading containers, bulk storage and pallet shipments. TTS’s Managing Director, Floris Jan van den Heuvel: “The key for our customers is that we offer constant quality, availability and fast delivery. Four years ago, to ensure all this and our continued growth, we opened our new, fully energy-neutral headquarters and warehouse here in Moordrecht. However, our rapid growth means yet again that our premises are too small! So, of course, to add another 3,000 m2 to our total capacity, we turned again to our trusted partner, Van Noort.”

No brakes on growth thanks to expansion

TTS and Van Noort have been working together closely in areas of storage, transport and machinery relocations since 2015. Van Noort also took care of the company’s 2019 move to its new site in Moordrecht. The partnership has now intensified with the addition of an extra storage site. Managing Director, Fred van Noort: “Shortage of storage can hamper the growth of successful companies such as TTS. We are proud to be able to help TTS in setting up this second site. By placing their products with us, not only do they have the required storage capacity but their logistics and facilities are also in good hands. We are there when orders are delivered or picked up and TTS always has its specialist equipment at its disposal when it needs it. We look forward to the successful expansion of our partnership.”

Global customer base

Besides having two Dutch branches in Moordrecht and Waddinxveen, the company also has branches in Germany, France, England and Italy and agencies worldwide. From these offices, it serves customers in 60 countries.