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The revival of laser transfer printing

Forever1_webThe digital world, in which we are living, is bringing new challenges. Demand for small runs and individual prints (print-on-demand) is increasing. Flex/Vinyl, Sublimation and the DTG-System have been very popular over the past 10 years, but each system has also disadvantages. Flex/Vinyl is time consuming and it is limited in size and design. Sublimation only works on light colored polyester garments, while DTG-Printers sometimes have problems with white ink. The pre-spraying and post-pressing of the garment is time consuming.

Forever’s No-Cut-System covers the complete area of textile printing from Metallic or Neon colors to Flock applications and image Rasterization. There are neither limitations on design, nor on the various textile garments and colors. The application doesn‘t require high investment and it is a fast dry system, which means, no problems with drying inks, humidity or climate changes.