New Autograph Software

The new standalone personalization software from Pulse is designed to enhance and speed up the process of designing embroidered monogramming and lettering for retail businesses.

Toggle between templatesPulse 1 (2)

Some of the features of version 2 of Autograph include the gathering of all essential functions in one tab for faster, easier access. There is a larger design area, as well as a new fit-to-hoop option that automatically sizes lettering to fit within a specified space. Users can now toggle between templates more easily, and the icons are larger to make it more functional in Windows 8fortouch screens. Fonts and thread charts have been updated, and you can easily create decorative borders for any text. A real time saver is the templates, which eliminate the work of digitizing. Simply select a design and enter the text.

Special effects

Autograph also features powerful editing tools that allow you to align, transform, rotate, and resize designs to customer specifications. The standard version of Autograph comes with 217 fonts, and there are a number of optional fonts that can be purchased. Doing special effects such as 3D foam or creating text with a drop shadow is a fast, one-step process. There also is a garment preview function that makes it easy to present a design for customer approval.