Are custom canvas prints set to be an important interior design trend in the coming year? With their timeless aesthetic appeal and almost unparalleled affordability, they certainly look like a serious contender.


With 2022 well into its last quarter, we’re looking back at the stand-out wall decor trends that defined the past year – and making some informed predictions about which trends will succeed them in the year to come. And joining us to lend their expertise are the custom printing experts at

The Appeal of Canvas Prints

Custom canvas prints have been growing steadily in popularity for quite a few years now. The sales figures at alone are a useful indication of how in-demand canvas is, with more than 100,000 units ordered in 2022 to date. So what’s the secret of their appeal?

The “custom” aspect is undoubtedly a large part of it. Modern buyers appreciate being able to create genuinely unique wall art pieces to personalise their homes.

Of the countless personal photos uploaded to by their customers, many are portraits of loved ones and pets, as well as scenes from significant life events such as weddings. And of course, people buying reproductions of their most precious photo memories have certain quality demands which other print formats can’t necessarily provide.


What Changes Can We Expect in 2023?

What are the emerging trends for the most popular types of images printed on custom canvas prints?

Photographs will of course continue to make up the lion’s share of pictures uploaded to online canvas print stores, but increasingly buyers are getting their own artwork printed as well.

Indeed, in a sense canvas has come full circle here – from its early association with art in the days of oil paintings to its modern status as the natural choice for print reproductions (whether of digital art or traditional art formats which are scanned first).

The increased popularity of canvas art printing over the last few years has been largely driven by commerce, as micro-businesses run by ambitious creatives have turned to canvas as an affordable but high-status format to market their work. (Note that these sales are usually made via print-on-demand services rather than B2C outlets.)

But there’s more to the popularity of canvas art prints than just commerce – as proud amateurs, too, are buying custom prints to display their work. And of course homeowners are turning to custom art printing to create truly unique interior decor pieces: canvas prints and other wall prints are perfect for those who want a living space that feels authentic and truly personal.

Why the Custom Canvas Market Will Continue to Grow in 2023

Today’s custom printing market can’t really be compared with its equivalent twenty or even ten years ago, as the great improvements in convenience and variety – as well as the attendant large drop in prices – have attracted a whole new audience of buyers who wouldn’t previously have been able to afford personalised items.

The printing techniques and technologies used to produce canvas prints continue to improve at a rapid pace. That means customers are getting the end product far cheaper and faster without any compromise on quality.

The mass-customisation model is able to produce unique print items while relying on production processes which remain automated to a significant degree. This explains the remarkably low prices that today’s providers can charge: the entry price for a canvas print at, for example, is just £6 (for a 20 x 20cm print). Budget providers are now competing in a price bracket with producers of generic items rather than with the luxury sector.

Changing attitudes to responsible consumption also play a role. Custom products are by their very nature a corrective to commercial waste, because prints are only produced once a purchase has been made. This contrasts with the traditional mass-production model where many of the items manufactured would end up in landfill if unsold.
It looks certain that respected online providers like, producing high-quality canvas prints under the mass-customisation model, will continue to win new converts – whether they’re looking to decorate their homes or give their business a boost.