Industry news

Through engagament in the development of UV printing equipment, Azonprinter expands it’s dealer network to Asian and Latin America market.

2012 was one of the most exciting years for Azonprinter, as after years of R&D, finally in July 2012 they launched new UV printers. Very soon they are planning to introduce new models in different formats which will produce small runs in a short time while obtaining high quality and durability.

Constant innovations enables Azonprinter to keep up with the market needs and expand their dealer network on 60 distributors worldwide. Latin America and Asia, as one of the most developing markets long for innovative and creative solutions to help them to stand out from the competition. That is exactly that Azonprinter brings as they expand their dealer network in Japan, Taiwan, Panama, Ecuador, Chile etc. In order to better serve it’s customers and provide the best solution, service, and support, Azonprinter continues to expand it’s brand internationally and enables distributors to grow their business.