Stitch & Print International issue 2-2021

In this edition

The first months of this new year saw many countries back in lockdowns and trade shows and events were postponed again. Luckily, even though without shows and events, new developments in the garment decoration industry have taken place. The embroidery machines overview in this issue will give you all the information you need on new embroidery machines on the market. If you are considering buying a new embroidery machine, please read Reiner Knochel’s article about purchasing the right embroidery machine and software.

With less shows and events, printers and embroiderers are looking for new markets and new customers. Laser machines allow you to add an enhanced level of decoration to nearly any product. In this issue Amy Dallman informs you on how laser machines are used to decorate popular materials.

2020 was a challenging year for many companies and, likewise, 2021 will turn out to be full of challenges yet again. In this issue you can read about PF Concept’s experiences during the last year, about what they have learned and how it will affect the future work of the company.

During the lockdown periods, beautiful prints appear in the streets to give people hope. If you have some nice pictures of street prints you are willing to share, we look forward to receiving them. We will show them in a photo gallery on our website and in our magazine.


  • Overview of embroidery machines
  • Endless possibilities with laser decoration
  • Calendar
  • Intelligent garments for sports and moon walks
  • Considerations before purchasing an embroidery machine
  • Successful screen registration
  • PF Concept: Digital developments and sustainability